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Pre 1964 U.S. 90% Silver Coin is the best deal and the caviar of all legal tender (monetized by our Constitution) silver bullion products. We buy and sell any quantity of dimes, quarters, or half dollars at extremely competitive prices. We have the new American Silver Eagle Green Monster Box (back dates too), Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box, 1 oz. Silver Round, 10 ounce and 100 ounce .999 fine Silver Bar. If you like Volume deals, check out our 500-1 oz. Silver Round box price.
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Daily Specials

MJPM - Discount Prices!
MJPM - Discount Prices!


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Spot Prices

  last updated: 5:10 PM
   bid    ask   
GOLD    $2,398.76    $2,399.76    -45.71
SILVER    $29.22    $29.32    -0.57
PLATINUM    $983.52    $988.52    -4.36
PALLADIUM    $945.64    $950.64    -16.88
[1 oz. Buffalo<p>Silver Rounds .999]

1 oz. Buffalo

Silver Rounds .999

Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. Buffalo $27.92 $30.87
[1 oz. Silver Rounds .999]

1 oz. Silver Rounds .999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. Most Designs $27.92 $30.87
1 oz. 500 Rds. $27.92 $30.77
[U.S. 90% Silver Dimes<p>Legal Tender]

U.S. 90% Silver Dimes

Legal Tender

Oz. Buy Sell
$1,000 Face Value

per $1.00 FV

Call $21.57
[U.S. 90% Silver Quarters<p>Legal Tender]

U.S. 90% Silver Quarters

Legal Tender

Oz. Buy Sell
$1,000 Face Value

per $1.00 FV

Call $21.57
[U.S. 90% Half Dollars<p>Legal Tender]

U.S. 90% Half Dollars

Legal Tender

Oz. Buy Sell
$1,000 Face Value

per $1.00 FV

Call $22.57
[1 oz. .999 <p>fine Silver Bar]

1 oz. .999

fine Silver Bar

Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. Call $31.07
[10 oz. .999<p>fine Silver Bar]

10 oz. .999

fine Silver Bar

Oz. Buy Sell
10 oz. $282.20 $313.70
[100 oz. .999 Silver Bar]

100 oz. .999 Silver Bar
Oz. Buy Sell
100 oz. Most styles Call $3,047.00
100 oz. Name Brand Bars Call $3,062.00
[American Silver Eagle .9999]

American Silver Eagle .9999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $29.72 $34.37
1 oz. NEW 2024 Call $34.87
[Silver Eagle Treasury Box]

Silver Eagle Treasury Box
Oz. Buy Sell
500 oz’s Sealed Back date per oz. Call $34.37
500 oz's Sealed 2024

Treasury Box per oz.

Call $34.47
[Canadian Silver Maple .9999]

Canadian Silver Maple .9999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $28.87 $32.47
1 oz. NEW 2024 $28.87 Call
[Canadian Maple Treasury Box]

Canadian Maple Treasury Box
Oz. Buy Sell
500 oz’s Back date per oz. $28.87 $32.37
500 oz. 2024

Treasury Box per oz.

$28.87 Call
[Morgan Silver Dollars <p>(circulated)]

Morgan Silver Dollars


Oz. Buy Sell
(pre 1921) 0.7734 oz. Call $33.77
(1921) 0.7734 oz. Call $33.77
[Peace Silver Dollars<p>(circulated)]

Peace Silver Dollars


Oz. Buy Sell
0.7734 oz. Call $30.27
MJPM is your bullion silver coin dealer for buying and selling American Silver Eagles (ASE), Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, 1 oz. Silver Rounds, 1 oz., 10 oz., and 100 oz. .999 Fine Silver Bars, 90% Silver coin rolls and bags along with other popular legal tender silver coins and bars at nationally competitive prices. Selling? Check out our BUY SILVER PRICES. We are your silver buyer for Silver Eagles, Silver Maple Leaf, ASE Monster Box, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Rounds and all Pre-1964 U.S. 90% junk silver coins. Call us toll free 1-800-279-4337 to lock in your at the minute prices.
Buy American Eagle Silver Coins!

WHY? THE BEST DEAL OF ALL SILVER PRODUCTS, INCLUDING LEGAL TENDER - PERIOD!! Take the current 03/23/2024 cost of $18,350.00 for a $1,000.00 Face Value "bag" of 90% pre-1964 silver coin divided by 715 (oz. per $1,000) = $25.66 per oz., with the current spot silver price basis of $24.77, YOUR COST IS ONLY $0.89 CENTS PER OUNCE OVER THE SPOT PRICE OF SILVER for the caviar of all silver products, U.S. PRE 1964 90% LEGAL TENDER (Constitutional) SILVER COINS!


U.S. LEGAL TENDER 90% SILVER COIN REMAINS THE BEST OF ALL SILVER PRODUCTS. This represents ALL U.S. LEGAL TENDER SILVER DIMES, QUARTERS, HALF DOLLARS (1964 and earlier) AND PRE 1935 U.S. SILVER DOLLARS. Their silver content and purity is U.S.A. guaranteed!

Visit our store in downtown Corvallis, Oregon or call for our cash offer. MJPM has been your trusted authority and cash buyer of sterling silver flatware since 1985.

DID YOU KNOW MJPM is well known for selling the best 90% silver coin bags in the industry. We remove the damaged, and mutilated coins that are common place in our competition's 90% junk silver products. We want your business! Our best customer is a satisfied customer knowing they bought the best available bullion products who uses competitive and responsible market pricing. Here at MJPM - you can count on it. We sincerely appreciate your business.

MJPM...your trusted and recognized Silver Bullion Coin Dealer throughout America and our home in Oregon for Buying and Selling U.S. 90% Junk Silver Coins, one ounce Silver Rounds, 10 ounce Silver Bars, and 100 ounce Bars since 1985.

About Us

Since 1985, we have been taking care of our customers in the Pacific Northwest including Corvallis, Albany, Portland, Lebanon, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Redmond, McMinnville, Roseburg, Medford, Newport, Tillamook, Kaiser, Lincoln City and throughout North America with personal service, the best prices and products!

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