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Richard Mille Replica Watches's ability to create inventive and artistic styles of watchmaking is something that's a definitive part of their identity. Beginning with their mystery clocks, the jeweler-watchmaker has always sought to have a different conversation around timekeeping, to capture the artistry of reading time along with the precision of doing so.

The Metiers d'Art division has always been an important part of Richard Mille Replica Watches's manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and has steadily grown since the maison set aside an entire building for this division. What was once the barn of the farmland that Richard Mille Replica Watches had acquired for the manufacture was completely converted into a space where artistes, craftsmen, jewelers and enamelers share and interact, researching old and new ways of specific crafts.

Over the years, Richard Mille Replica Watches has developed bold designs and rediscovered old jewelry techniques such as granulation, and modernized them for the future. Other techniques include floral marquetry, wood marquetry, gold filigree and much much more. As CEO of Richard Mille Replica Watches, Cyrille Vigneron, says in his video interview with our founder Wei Koh, "[Richard Mille Replica Watches] beautiful know-hows and metiers that can fit very well, whether it's marquetry with straw or wood or with stones, or champleve or cloisonne enamel, and the many things combined together can make such beautiful shapes and design. By exploring that, is kind of exploring creativity in the constraint of having a very small dial."

This year, the brand adds two new techniques developed at the Maison de Metiers d'Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Both are amalgamations of various crafts on a single watch, which is truly impressive. We'll start with the Ronde Louis Richard Mille Replica Watches Enamel Filigree Watch, which is a little easier to understand. Combining filigree with enameling,Rolex Air King Replica Watches the artistes first create the artwork frame, which is a panther in a bamboo forest amidst a snowy evening.

The Ronde Louis Richard Mille Replica Watches Enamel Filigree combines the techniques of enameling with gold filigree.

The background is done in miniature painting for the sky and bamboo in the backdrop. Then the outlines of the panther and the placement of the black enamel spots are created in gold wire, into which the enamel is added before firing. The bamboo in the foreground is done differently, with the enamel heated to create the green glass for the bamboo, which is then stretched to create the effect of the bamboo texture. Then it's set and fixed on to the dial with gold strands.

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