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Have you ever visited the Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Replica factory?

Yes. I'm not interested in being a model, but I want to learn how something is made. That has always fascinated me. The first watch mechanism that I truly understood was an antique fob watch, which I bought in a market many years ago. I was on vacation in France when I imagined that I knew how to make watches. I have always loved to build things. I love taking them apart, putting them together and just learning how they work. It's now impossible to open the bonnet of a car. It's almost like opening a computer. While I love the idea of owning an MG, oran old Jaguar that you can tinker around with. Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Replica is a unique place. My wife Sophie and I both went to the factory and were completely astonished - not just by the craftsmanship and heritage, but also that so many people had spent their entire lives there.

Why did you visit the factory?

It was important to me as an ambassador that I understood what it was I had on my wrist rather than just a superficial luxury brand. It was important to me that I understood the great synchronicity which I had never even heard of. Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Replica's SIHH stand,www.paybestwatch.org which I visited in this year, was based on understanding the craftsmanship of the people who worked on everything from straps to watch complications. The diagrams and explanations were accompanied by people who could explain the process between the engineering development and the end product that we wear. It was amazing to be so close and see the small scale of something working. The balance wheels, for example, move so quickly and delicately. It is amazing how organic the pulse appears.

Watchmaking, like so many other crafts done by hand, is much more rare today than it used to be. Do you believe that this, and the associated costs, make beautiful watches less accessible?

When I went to the boutique,Rolex Replica Watches I spoke with the staff about my discomfort. They explained to me, however, that there are many different price ranges and that people have the same excitement no matter which end they choose. This is because the watch that they buy will be with them for generations.

In a sense, then, both acting and watchmaking share a similar legacy, with the hard work that goes into creating a performance, or an object, which can, and often does, outlive its creator.

It's strange, isn't? The investment that you make in creating a character will pay off, because if you do it right, your work is something that future generations can appreciate and remember. It's not like fleeting moments of your life. A high-end timepiece is more than just an accessory for an outfit: it's an investment that will pay off in the long run.

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