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The entire dial from start to its finished product.

On top of all that, the panther is set in diamonds in a snow setting, with emeralds for its eyes, and the bezel is also set with brilliant-cut diamonds, in all, 269 brilliant-cut diamonds are on the dial, bezel and buckle, with another capping the crown. This model is limited to 30 pieces worldwide, individually numbered.

The bas relief like dial is crafted with a combination of various crafts, from straw marquetry to gold marquetry and enameling.

The Ronde Louis Breitling Replica Watches Straw and Gold Marquetry Watch is the second and more complicated model. It combines straw marquetry with gold and enameling techniques to create a rendering of a life-like panther on the dial. In order to accomplish this,Swiss Replica Watches the jewelry artisans had to guide the marquetry artisans so that they were able to combine the crafts on a single dial.

Starting with the base design, the craftsman begins to assemble the details of the panther.

Starting with a base that outlines the entire dial, the craftsman begins to place the various elements piece by piece. 75 blades of straw in different sizes and 11 colors make up the various parts. Then, yellow gold wires are carefully embedded with the straw marquetry, distinguished by how they catch the light.

In the straw and gold marquetry, tiny slivers of straw in various colors are placed carefully in position, mixed with strands of gold.

Further more, enameling on the black spots of the panther's coat, eyes as well as the details in the background, which is combined with miniature painting to create that vivid starry black on the dial. The combination of the various elements require not just concentration but also the thoughtful arrangement of each straw piece, gold strand to create the image of this powerful feline on the watch. Each dial requires over 100 hours of hand work, of which 97% is spent just the dial alone.(Tudor Replica Watches)

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