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Looking to buy or sell gold coins? MJPM makes your transaction easy with our user-friendly website, our customer service and inventory of popular products. MJPM, Gold Buyer and Seller of American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Bars, Krugerrands, and Gold Coins at competitive prices. MJPM is your trusted secure source. MJPM, your discount bullion gold coin dealer since 1985.
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Spot Prices

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GOLD    $1,962.40    $1,963.50    0.70
SILVER    $23.65    $23.75    0.09
PLATINUM    $1,037.00    $1,047.00    7.00
PALLADIUM    $1,392.00    $1,452.00    10.00
[American Eagle<p>Gold Coin (22k)]

American Eagle

Gold Coin (22k)

Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,972.40 $2,092.40
1/2 oz. $1,017.20 $1,123.70
1/4 oz. $510.60 Call
1/10 oz. $219.24 $259.24
[Canadian Maple Leaf<p>Gold Coin .9999]

Canadian Maple Leaf

Gold Coin .9999

Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,962.40 $2,072.40
1/2 oz. $981.20 Call
1/4 oz. $490.60 $593.10
1/10 oz. $202.24 Call
[Krugerrand Gold Coins (22k)]

Krugerrand Gold Coins (22k)
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,952.40 Sold Out!
[Buffalo Gold Coin .9999]

Buffalo Gold Coin .9999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. (we have 2023) $1,972.40 $2,102.40
[1 oz. Carded Gold Bars .9999]

1 oz. Carded Gold Bars .9999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,947.40 $2,052.40
[Australia Kangaroo<p>Gold Coin .9999]

Australia Kangaroo

Gold Coin .9999

Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,952.40 $2,066.40
[Austria Philharmonic .9999]

Austria Philharmonic .9999
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $1,952.40 Call
[U.S. $20 Saint Gaudens<p>Certified 0.9675 oz]

U.S. $20 Saint Gaudens

Certified 0.9675 oz

Oz. Buy Sell
PCGS/NGC MS-61 $1,979.89 Sold Out!
PCGS/NGC MS-63 $2,060.68 Call
[U.S. $20 Liberty<p>Certified 0.9675 oz]

U.S. $20 Liberty

Certified 0.9675 oz

Oz. Buy Sell
PCGS/NGC MS-61 $1,979.89 Sold Out!
PCGS/NGC MS-63 $2,120.18 Call
[U.S. $20 Gold Coins]

U.S. $20 Gold Coins
Oz. Buy Sell

0.9675 oz.

$1,974.57 $2,249.82
[U.S. $10 Gold Coins]

U.S. $10 Gold Coins
Oz. Buy Sell
Circulated XF-AU

0.48375 oz.

$989.95 Sold Out!
[French 20 Franc Roosters]

French 20 Franc Roosters
Oz. Buy Sell
0.1867 oz. $357.52 Call
[British Sovereigns]

British Sovereigns
Oz. Buy Sell
0.2355 oz. $454.06 Call
[100 Gram Gold Bar (Generic)]

100 Gram Gold Bar (Generic)
Oz. Buy Sell
100 Grams (3.215 oz.) Call Sold Out!
[2008-W Proof Buffalo Gold Coin]

2008-W Proof Buffalo Gold Coin
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. w/box & coa Call $2,282.40
1/2 oz. w/box & coa Call $2,486.70
1/4 oz. w/box & coa Call $1,330.60
1/10 oz. w/box & coa Call $637.24
[American Eagle Proof Gold Set]

American Eagle Proof Gold Set
Oz. Buy Sell
4 pc. Set with

Box & COA

$4,650.72 Sold Out!
[Buffalo Proof Certified Gold Coins]

Buffalo Proof Certified Gold Coins
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. NGC/PCGS


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MJPM is your gold coin and bar bullion precious metal dealer for buying and selling legal tender American gold eagles, Canadian gold maple leaf, Krugerrand and other popular gold coins and bars at extremely competitive discount prices. We offer a discount on all Interstate orders! Selling? Check out our **BUY GOLD** PRICES. We are in constant need of fractional American Eagle gold coins to meet our customer demand. Call MJPM to sell gold coins and bars at fair and nationally competitive market gold prices.
Buy American Eagle Gold Coins!
The American Eagle Gold Coin
Call MJPM to discuss the advantages of buying fractional gold American Eagle legal tender gold coins and discover why they really are the best deal. These are a terrific way to buy and own gold coins to fit your budget. The American Eagle Coin program was introduced in 1986 paving an affordable avenue for any one who wanted to own gold. The fractional coins were a huge hit and sales skyrocketed. The rest is history. Be sure to have some Treasury rolls of the 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/2 oz. fractional American Eagle gold coins in your holdings!

Do you have Antique, Vintage or Estate Jewelry you no longer wear? We are your local fair market Jewelry and Diamond Buyer and Dealer at nationally competitive prices. We have been Scrap Gold Buyers of 10kt, 14k, 18kt, 22k, and 24kt gold, offering up to the minute live market prices since 1985.

MJPM...your trusted bullion Gold and Silver company for Buying and Selling the World's most popularly traded products at extremely competitive prices since 1985.

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Since 1985, we have been taking care of our customers in the Pacific Northwest including Corvallis, Albany, Portland, Lebanon, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Redmond, McMinnville, Roseburg, Medford, Newport, Tillamook, Kaiser, Lincoln City and throughout North America with personal service, the best prices and products!

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